Disaster Can Strike in Many Forms

Half of all companies that experience a data loss will be forced to close their doors within the year. Our business continuity services make sure you’re always in the other half.

What does your business continuity plan look like?

As the world of technology becomes more and more sophisticated, relying on backups as your primary continuity plan can leave your business in a critical state. You could be looking at hours or even days of downtime, costing you time and money from every angle.

Want to know how costly your downtime is?

Our Downtime Calculator can show you.

Hardware Failure

Hardware failures usually associated to hard drives, memory and CPU accounts for the majority of business downtime, and represent 55% of system failures.

Natural Disaster

A massive 20% of all companies will suffer either fire, theft, flood, storm damage, power failures, hardware or software disaster this year.


Around 71% of businesses experience more than 9 hours of downtime after being hit with ransomware, putting some out of business permanently.

Human Error

Human error accounts for 33% of data loss, from intentional deleting of files to unintentional and administration errors, as well as lost or damaged hardware.

The Truth About Disasters

They can happen to any business at any time and the downtime they cause is truly catastrophic, many businesses never recover.


Downtime is Common

90% of companies experience some form of downtime, which may result in loss of data, security, productivity, and revenue.

Disastrous Situations

Disasters that cause downtime may be a result of hardware failure, human error, or natural disaster.

(Down) Time is Money

An hour of downtime costs $8,000 for a small company, $74,000 for a medium company, and $700,000 for a large enterprise.

Recovery is Painful

The agerage time it takes a business to recover from disaster is 18.5 hours, but 43% of companies never totally recover.

The ability to avert pending disasters and effectively deal the ones that do occur starts with understanding a basic principle.


” Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail “

Only 6% of companies without a disaster recovery plan survive a disaster


In today’s business world, disaster planning should encompass disasters of all types and sizes: fires, floods, fraud, ransomware, cyber-attacks, power or IT system failure, human error, acts of terror, and other unthinkable scenarios. While the type of disaster varies the impact is common: Data and operational downtime is what becomes truly disastrous.

You shouldn’t settle for just a disaster recovery or backup plan.  What you need is a holistic, Intelligent Business Continuity solution that is reliable, simple, and quick. BCaaS is a business continuity solution that is visible, scalable, and affordable.

With a secure local virtualisation solutions and a hybrid cloud backup, if disaster strikes, your entire infrastructure (physical or virtual) is virtualised instantly, empowering you to continue your business operations without losing any data, incurring any damage, or experiencing any downtime.

How we help

People make mistakes, equipment fails, hackers break in and even nature can do damage. In the digital age, your data is the foundation of your business’s success. Our services ensure you can run your business with confidence.

Business Continuity

Our local virtualisation and hybrid cloud solution will have your business back up and running without missing a step.

Office 365 Backup

We provide backup services for Office 365, along with unlimited storage and retention so your data is protected.

Managed Services

By closing the gap between your business and IT needs, we deliver clear benefits to your company’s bottom line.

Endpoint Security

We protect your Windows PCs, servers and Apple OS from the unprecedented level of sophisticated cyber threats.

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