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Improve Website Performance and Security

If you want to optimise your website’s return-on-investment, provide the best experience for your customers and maximise lead generation, then your website needs to be maintained regularly.

If we care for our vehicle, we’ll follow the recommended maintenance plan and have it serviced regularly. It’s not that we expect it to run radically better the next day but we know that regular maintenance will keep it running at its peak and as efficiently as possible. It will pick up any issues early and hopefully mitigate more expensive break-downs. And we’ll tweak and replace items like tyres, brakes and wipers that wear out.

Unfortunately, the maintenance program on business websites is seldom as thorough! After investing the price of a vehicle, on a professional website, it’s surprising that many website owners are not aware of the need for a regular maintenance program.

Check 1 – Website Backups

Website can have issues with updates, changes to plugins or other more serious events, such as a site hacks, malware or code injection.  For this reason we ensure your website files and database is backed up each day to ensure we can recover immediately to the last working backup before you loose valuable clients or bad reviews. We generally perform a test restore from your backups at least once every six months to ensure the backups are valid.

Check 3 – Themes and plugins

Of course, what applies to WordPress as a whole is also true for its components. Out-of-date plugins and themes are a prime gateway for hackers trying to take over your site. For that reason, plugin and theme authors, ideally, offer regular updates for their products to make sure they function with the latest version of WordPress and continue to be secure.

Check 5 - Website Speed

No one likes slow page loads including Google. Using developer tools, we will check that the site speed performs as expected.  This can vary over time as new content is added that may not have been setup correctly or optimized. Using Google insights, we will give you that peace of mind that your site is responsive to client requests.

Check 7 – Website Forms

Forms are usually an important part of lead generation and need to be checked regularly for script errors or changes in destination emails. The connection to automation apps and email lists will be tested after any site changes on request.

Check 9 – Database Optimisation

Like the rest of WordPress, the MySQL database accumulates unwanted data over time and maintenance also extends to this part of your site. If your WordPress website has been online and active for a while, your database will have accumulated a lot of information. Post revisions, drafts, spam comments and data from uninstalled plugins increase its size quickly. The larger the database, the  longer it takes for your server to find and retrieve information from it. Not good for site performance.

Check 11 – Delete Spam Comments (optional)

It’s important to delete spam comments on a regular basis to free up resources. Monthly is usually enough, however, weekly is a better choice to make sure that legitimate comments don’t get caught up in the frenzy and left unanswered.  This is usually a task for the website owner, as they can decide if they want to keep and maintain comments, however, with guidance we can perform this for a nominal $15 extra per month.

Check 2 – WordPress Version

Staying on top of the WordPress update cycle is important for many reasons. Not only does it give you access to new features and code updates, but – more importantly – also delivers security fixes and other measures that keep your website safe. In fact, failure to update is one of the most common reasons why WordPress sites get hacked.

Check 4 – Dead Links

By dead links, we mean links either on your site, or pointing to another website whose destination no longer exists.  Users who click on such a link will see their browser spit out a 404 – not found error. Overall, dead links are not super critical. On the other hand, a 404 error can cause an increase in your bounce rate, which will hurt your search engine standings

Check 6 – Malware or Signs of Hacking

By checking for irregularities on a site on a regular basis, we can fix potential problems before a hijacked site gets blacklisted or worse. It should come as no surprise that the first order of keeping WordPress safe is to use a reliable hosting provider such as Virtual IT Managed Services that regularly updates their infrastructure and keeps security up to date.

Check 8 – Sort Drafts and Empty Trash

Websites often accumulate a lot of dead weight in the form of drafts, post ideas, and content pieces that were abandoned. They clutter up your work-space and make it more cumbersome to work for everyone. By regularly deleting posts and pages that won’t see the light of day, we can free up important resources to improve your website performance.

Check 10 – Website Review

It’s no secret that web technology is steadily evolving and nothing is out of date quicker than anything online. Technologies like HTML and CSS are constantly updated and over time, you may find your website’s design becomes outdated and less competitive. So we constantly review your website and make recommendations for your consideration.

Monthly Reporting

Monthly reporting empowers you with information about how your website is performing. We provide an honest assessment of what is and isn’t working, and show the work that has been done to improve site performance and security.  As the reports are supplied monthly, it allows you to track your site performance over a period of time and gives you a record of the numerous updates and security enhancements that are applied.

Why Partner With Virtual IT Managed Services?

With over 30 years experience in the IT Industry, we know how critical security and preventative maintenance is to protect your website from current threats. However; many website owners under-estimate the importance of regular website maintenance and complain to their website developers when it breaks!

Virtual IT Managed Services offers affordable website maintenance for any business, whether we built your website or not.

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