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Is your email at risk of stopping your business?

Your email is a core foundation of your business. It contains all your conversations, attachments, and other important information that you need to keep your business running.  Keeping your email in a desktop-based client means all the data is located in one place.

Without a good business continuity plan, you run the risk of losing all of it if a disaster hits. Even an unforeseen power outage could corrupt your data and make it impossible to recover.   Could your business survive if your emails were destroyed?

Virtual IT Managed Services utilises purposely designed solutions to make the email migration process stress free. We achieve this by removing the complexity and automating the critical Office 365 email migration process, while we manage client engagement, all the way to project completion.

Email Migration & Deployment

Most people are aware that email migration projects can be extremely involved, timely and stressful projects, making Virtual IT Managed Services Migration Project Automation services an ideal solution for a seamless move to the cloud based Office 365.

We are experienced with, and have access to multiple automated email migration tools for Office 365, allowing for an accelerated migration for businesses to the cloud. Our comprehensive platforms allows for the management, planning and provisioning for every variety of Office 365 Email Migration, ensuring no loss of data and ensuring the most important result, our customers total satisfaction.

Most email migration tools tend to focus on moving the server-side data, but that is only a portion of the migration project. We utilise technologies that allows for up to 90% of the process to be automated. This assists with the management of some of the important parts the migration project and allows the project to be scheduled at a time that suits you, the customer.

Office 365 Email Migration that Delivers Value to your Business

Save Time and Focus on What’s Important

There is tremendous growth in businesses moving to the cloud for good reason, although the time to migrate has often caused many to reconsider the migration.   Our fully managed email migration process has proven to be a game changer for many companies who now take full advantage of all that cloud has to offer without the burden usually associated with email migrations.

When migrating an enterprise organisation to Office 365, it’s important to plan exactly what steps to take, when to perform them, and who will perform them. Utilising advanced automation technologies allows us to take full advantage of the opportunity that Office 365 presents in the shortest time possible.

Project automation is key, as it greatly reduces the involvement and time of almost any migration. The provided migration and management tools used are first class and designed to allow for any sized business, from small business to enterprise organisations with multiple sites and systems.

In depth discovery and configuration options used, deliver a migration tailored to your unique business requirements. This ultimately leads to a greater end-user experience with faster operational recovery times.

Email Migration & Deployment


We offer three migration solutions that cover the most common email clients used in business.

Automation for predictable, seamless Exchange to Office 365 cloud migrations



Email Migration from Exchange to Office 365

Whether it’s basic email, calendar and contacts data to email signature blocks, rules and calendar permissions, Our solutions allow for seamless migration of all your email data from any Microsoft Exchange Server to Outlook 365 with ease and minimal risk.

Additionally, all the following versions of Exchange are supported: 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013.  Virtual IT Managed Services delivers true business value, as we remove the burdens and stress usually associated with email migrations.
Our Managed Services team will plan and deliver a complete end-to end solution that ensures your migration from Exchange to Office 365 is seamless with zero data loss.


Automation for predictable, seamless Exchange to Office 365 cloud migrations



Email Migration from IMAP or POP3 to Office 365

POP3/IMAP to Office 365 email migrations have never been easier than with our automated Outlook Assistant working in sync to migrate both server-side and client-side data, including contacts, calendars, email categories, and much more.

Migration tools that concentrate on transferring only server-side data tend to miss valuable information that may be stored only on the client side of a POP3 and IMAP email environment.
With migration automation, we manage the entire migration process, regardless of where the data may be stored, therefore removing the need for any manual interjection by you to move your data, settings or profiles.  Our aim is to ensure our customers have a familiar look and feel when they start their journey with Office 365.


Google to Office 365 cloud migrations, automated and seamless



Email Migration from Google to Office 365

We ensures a simple, automated migration from Google to Office 365. Inclusive of all the data stored in Gmail and Google Calendar and even including labels and contacts.
Our solution is designed to move all your data to Outlook 365 faster and with almost no risk of data loss.
The Server Sync technology used has been developed to minimise the impact of Google data transfer limits and accommodates for migration and usage of your Gmail account simultaneously.
Using specialised technology, enables us to provide the smoothest transition from Google’s Email Label organisational structure by allowing the option to map the migrating mail to either folders or categories within Outlook, giving you a better end result.


Why use Virtual IT Managed Services for your Office 365 Migration?

At Virtual IT Managed Services, we know what it takes to successfully transition your email to the cloud.  Having successfully migrated numerous organisations ranging from small businesses (2 – 20 email accounts) to many enterprise-level organisations ranging from 250 email accounts to over 1000+ seats.

Migration Planner

Understanding that every business is unique, is why we take the time to analyse your environment and formulate an appropriate migration plan specific to your organisational needs.  Planning is crucial for a successful migration to avoid delays and potential loss of data.

Data Sync

The process of syncing data occurs before, during, and after the migration to provide a seamless migration experience, with automatic agents keeping a watchful eye on the process to ensure that the Office 365 mailbox is consistent with the source, even when users update their folder structure.

Automated Assistant

Working alongside the Data Sync process, the automated assistant helps manage and finalise the migration process. Any issues are proactively dealt with by our support staff, which means your employees are able to use Office 365 even before they’re migration process starts.

Project Management

As we project manage the process from start to finish, you can rest assured the migration will go as planned.  Project managers work closely with clients to ensure that the scope and direction is on schedule, as well as other support aspects such as company communication and training if required.

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