How to Keep Your OneNotes Safe

How to Keep Your OneNotes Safe

OneNote is one of the best ways to keep yourself organized. You can use it to record meetings, manage to-do lists, file client information, and even keep copies of highly sensitive documents.

However, if you are using it for highly sensitive documents, you need to take some precautions due to the General Data Protection Regulations that now in effect. You don’t want your details to fall into the wrong hands and have to abide by the Notifiable Data Breach scheme.

Password protection in OneNote is designed to help keep your notes safe from prying eyes, and passwords play a crucial part in controlling access to those notes.

Adding Passwords to OneNote is EASY !!

Adding a password to a section is simple if you follow these instructions.

Open OneNote and locate the section you want to protect, then right-click on the section’s name, and select Password Protect This Section.

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  1. In the Password Protection task pane, choose Set Password.
  2. In the Password Protection dialog box, type the password you want into the Enter Password box.
  3. Confirm the password by typing it again into the Confirm Password box, and then click OK.
  4. To remove the password, navigate to Password Protect This Section > Remove Password.  (If this option isn’t available, it means the section doesn’t have a password.)
  5. In the Remove Password dialog box, type the current password, and then click OK.

Note: Choose your password carefully. If you forget your password, no one will be able to unlock your notes for you (not even Microsoft Technical Support) so it is highly recommended to start using a Password Manager.  By now, everyone should be using a password manager instead of using the same simple passwords time and time again. In fact, not using a password manager puts you at greater risk of being hacked! READ MORE

Also OneNote does not display any locked password-protected sections in search results. You need to unlock a section before its content can be scanned.

You can instantly lock all password-protected sections by pressing Ctrl + Alt + L or by right-clicking on a section and heading to Password Protect This Section > Lock All.

Some important notes about passwords

  • Passwords can be applied only to notebook sections, not to entire notebooks.
  • Passwords are case-sensitive. Make sure that the Caps Lock key is off before you create or enter a password.
  • OneNote uses encryption to secure password-protected sections. If you forget your password, no one will be able to unlock your notes for you (not even Microsoft Technical Support). So take care when assigning passwords to your notebook sections and when changing them.
  • Password-protected sections aren’t included in notebook searches. To include a protected section in a search, you’ll have to unlock the section first.
  • Note tags used on any of the pages within a protected section aren’t included in a note tag summary unless the protected section is unlocked.

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