Hardware Failure. Are you prepared for it?

Hardware Failure. Are you prepared for it?

Hardware Failure - Hardware Failure. Are you prepared for it?

Hardware Failure in any computer will occur at some point in time.  So how do you protect yourself from one of these events?

Firstly try to keep your Servers in an environment that is clean.  Running Computer equipment in areas that are dirty or dusty will increase the risk of the equipment failing, especially the disk drives.

Try not to put your servers in small non air conditioned non ventilated rooms where the hardware will become Hot.  This will also increase the risk of computer failure.

Use dual power supplies connected to different power circuits and if possible use UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) that filter the power feed and contain batteries that will keep the server on for a short time period in the event of power loss to allow for a graceful shutdown of the server.

Use Multiple Disk Drives configured in a RAID set that will provide redundancy in the case of a disk failure.

Make sure that the system is monitored to detect when hardware fails or power loss.

Most Common sources of Computer Hardware Failure

Failed disk drive 300x188 - Hardware Failure. Are you prepared for it?
Hardware Failure like a Hard Drive crash can result in excessive system downtime

As Disks are a mechanical unit, as they get older, they are prone for failure.  Even SSD Drives only have a limited life span.

If you use only single disk drives and experience a disk failure, it will take considerable time to replace the drive and to restore data / systems onto that disk which will severely impact on your business.  The more data you have stored on a disk set the longer the restoration process will be.

Make sure you have multiple drives installed and configured in a RAID set.  At a minimum 2 drives configured as a Mirror Set or multiple drives in a RAID 5 or 6 Stripe.  This will minimise the impact of Individual Disk failures.

You should also monitor your Disk hardware state so that as soon as a disk fails you are notified so that you can have the disk replaced as soon as possible.

If your hard drive has already crashed, contact us as we partner with reputable Data Recovery Services 

Server Power Supplies 300x138 - Hardware Failure. Are you prepared for it?
Hardware Failure like a Power Supply not working can result in system failure

Power Supplies are the 2nd most common component to failure.

As these are an electrical device transforming voltages, they generate heat and use fans for cooling.  Any of these components may fail.

Don’t purchase cheap power units as these may fail and or short circuit your internal components (motherboard, Ram, Video Card etc).

Correctly size the power supply for your server as an underpowered unit may damage internal components.

Most business grade file servers will utilise two or more power supply units and generally they are hot swappable, meaning that the server can run on one Power supply unit and the failed one can be replaced whilst the server is in an operational state.  Therefore if your server can use multiple PSUs make sure you don’t run on only one unit.

Depending upon the type of PSU failure, you may have to replace the whole server or worse cause an electrical fire.

fried circuitboard 300x225 - Hardware Failure. Are you prepared for it?
Hardware Failure like a Motherboard meltdown will cause system failure

Generally Issues with Motherboards and other internal circuit boards is due to faulty Power Supply Units.  When this occurs, in most cases the server needs replacing.  Without a Same Day or Next Day warranty you could be faced with lengthy delays in obtaining new server equipment and the time to install and configure the new Server.  Costing your business time and money.

Fibre Card 300x147 - Hardware Failure. Are you prepared for it?
Hardware Failure like a network card failure will prevent you accessing your data

Add On Cards such as Network Adapters, Fibre Storage Host Bus Adapters etc can also suffer hardware faults.

To avoid lengthy down time install multiple cards, at least dual Network Cards and configure the cards for High Availability / Fault Tolerance Mode.

We use a Holistic approach to managing and protecting your information assets and ensuring your system can continue to operate in case of a serious incident or Hardware Failure and with our unique technology, be able to recover to an operational state within a reasonably short period in minutes, not days.



In the event of Hardware Failure, either the whole device (server) or individual components such as Disk Drives will need to be replaced.  This may require the server to be Rebuilt from Scratch and Data to be restored.

If a server has to be rebuilt, you could be faced with lengthy downtime whilst you acquire new hardware, and to install and configure the equipment.

To minimise the impact of this you need an Intelligent Business Continuity Solution that will backup your whole server, and in the case of a major incident allow you to run up a Virtual Recovery Server clone of your failed equipment.  This will allow you to continue to work whilst you arrange for your original equipment to be repaired and rebuilt.

Three things to consider for protecting

your Data


number 1 - Hardware Failure. Are you prepared for it? Upgrade to Hybrid Cloud Technology

If you’re a business that needs their data, there is only one way to protect it. Hybrid cloud technology. It provides unparalleled redundancy that guarantees efficient and reliable backup. Since physical devices are automatically mirrored in the cloud, recovery time is virtually eliminated, meaning no more costly downtime for you or your clients.


number 2 - Hardware Failure. Are you prepared for it? Get Instant Virtualization

You can now recover your data in seconds. Backups of physical devices can be virtualized and started locally or remotely to keep you and your business up and running without interruption, no matter what. Business continuity has never been this easy, reliable or fast.


number 3 - Hardware Failure. Are you prepared for it? Invest in Screenshot Backup Verification

It takes backup monitoring to the next level with automatic validation of backups to ensure their integrity. After backing up, SBV will virtualize and test-boot servers using patented technology to ensure there aren’t any concerns with the data. No more, guessing—rest easy knowing your data and business are safe.

Learn more by visiting: vitms.com.au or emailing us directly by clicking here.

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