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Hardware Failure. Are you prepared for it?

Hardware Failure   Hardware Failure in any computer will occur at some point in time.  So how do you protect yourself from one of these events? Firstly try to keep your Servers in an environment that is clean.  Running Computer equipment in areas that are dirty or...

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How to Protect Your Business From Ransomware

Ransomware is an ever growing threat to Businesses causing major havoc to IT systems. Attacks such as Wannacry and Petya has caused companies ranging from small to Large global companies to close their doors. Learn how to protect your business from such attacks.

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4 Easy Steps to Strengthen Your Passwords

It takes just 11 hours for a hacker to crack a 6 character password. This time shrinks to just seconds if you’re guilty of using “123456???. But – throw in just 3 more letters and we’re talking upwards of 10 years. The sophistication of hacking...

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Shift in Hacking Intentions Increases Threat

Earlier this year, Gemalto released its twice yearly Breach level Index, a database that records all publically-reported global breaches. The report found that 1,673 data breaches led to 707 million data records being compromised worldwide during 2015....

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You’ve got your Head in the Cloud…….

If you think your IT will never be in the cloud, and you'll always have a device you can touch, do you really understand “CLOUD COMPUTING?” A governmental definition of Cloud Computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network...

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Why Office 365 is NOT Your Data Backup Solution

Do you have a backup plan for your Office 365? Are you sure? Office 365 has become an increasingly popular option for business, school and personal email usage. This rise over the past few years has been due to the massive features and benefits that this...

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